Channel Sales and Marketing on Autopilot

Channel sales and marketing doesn’t just take a single person — it takes an entire team. We combine over 50 years of SaaS channel experience to launch your program quickly and effectively.

We function as your very own internal channel sales/marketing department, but without the overhead costs.

Our Channel Sales and Marketing Services

We take pride in building effective channel / reseller programs. Below you’ll find a rough blueprint of what’s included in our channel partner program services.

We build channel / reseller programs by:

  • Defining the scope of your reseller program.
  • Creating multiple levels for reseller partners.
  • Designing and launching multiple feature docs, datasheets, and other reseller partner documentation.
  • Creating a demo deck (powerpoint) for channel partners.
  • Implementing policies and payout/benefits structure for channel partners.
  • Creating training and support documentation for channel partners.
  • Design and manage channel partner marketing and email promotions.
  • Design and launch reseller partner portal and landing page.
  • Recruit reseller / channel partners.
  • Manage entire channel partner department communications.
  • Create email/phone scripts for channel marketing/sales.
  • Onboarding of reseller partners.
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